Career Coaching, Resumes and Job Interviews

I provide affordable, personalized one-on-one coaching sessions that are in-person where I get to know the person and see how I can provide the best kind of support for their career goals. I do not believe that skyping, holding phone meetings or providing generalized how-to manuals serve as meaningful personalized support to meet peoples’ specific needs.  My sessions are confidential where people can come to me to discuss solutions for workplace conflicts and other sensitive topics that are shared. I am someone who looks to see what works for the individual based on their story, personality, work-style, talents, passions and vision. I am a good listener and it is important for me that people feel comfortable being themselves when they meet with me.

Building Your Credibility and Effectiveness

Looking to find ways to increase your performance and your effectiveness for your organization? Here is where you can be empowered with leveraging your unique talents and individualized skill-sets that add value to your workplace. I can also provide you with my experience as an employer on the different traits of my top performing employees that allowed them to quickly gain promotions and influence.

Supervisory and Managerial Coaching for Emerging Leaders

There is a difference between being an outstanding worker and an effective manager. There is also a difference between a leader and a manager. I also served in Director-level positions for large departments and I can share with you secrets that employers are looking for in employees with managerial and leadership potential.  

Building Interpersonal Skills and Growing your Professional Network

Research demonstrates repeatedly that the most successful people have strong interpersonal and soft skills that allow them to connect with many people regardless of whether one is an introvert or an extravert. Having years of experience with quickly climbing up the organizational ladder, I can also share how I did it.  I can share with you how to leverage your interpersonal skills, your performance in meetings and build your human network capital that will build your effectiveness and credibility.

Marketing your Personal Brand

Everyone is remembered for something. What do you think you are remembered for and what do people say about you when you are not around? You want to leave a lasting impression on others that you want to be known for. Everyone has a unique trait that will positively stand out from others. During our multiple sessions, I can help provide insight on your signature style that will be your asset you will be proud of. 

Selling Your Personal Brand During Your Job Search

We live in a competitive world where there are so many choices. Ask yourself why an employer should choose you over 100 other potential candidates. How do you present yourself in public? How you communicate via email and verbally speak volumes. When you find your signature style and brand, you need to know how to leverage and convince others that they need your services. How you present yourself on a resume or on any written communication plays a big role on whether organizations determine if you worth investing in. With mock job interview sessions and support on your cover letter/resume, you will feel inspired, proud, energized and motivated for the next steps of your professional development! I also customize each cover letter and resume that specifically represents that person's unique talents and attributes.