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"Tomoko Ha is an effective career coach, and she also shines as a consultant specializing in project management.  Known for her invaluable energy and enthusiasm, she helps businesses, including colleges and universities, groups and individuals exceed performance expectations. Her support of projects, in particular, has ensured the success of programs and services.

It has been my honor to know and work with Tomoko. I hired her years ago as a project specialist and later department director at Laney College  She is a very caring professional, and she matches it with her results-oriented focus supporting the effectiveness of programs for businesses and the success of groups and individuals. I'm proud to say that I, too, use her project management services."

Elnora Webb, Ph.D. 
Founder & CEO of Signature Solutions, Corporate Results 

Take the first step toward your career goals through a one-on-one career session. Tomoko’s sessions offer customized support based on each client’s workstyle, talents, and goals.

Career coaching topics include:

Secrets of Top Performing Employees. Learn to leverage your talents and skills to add value to your workplace through exploring some of the different traits that have helped real employees gain influence and earn promotions.

Managerial Skills for Emerging Leaders.
Advance from an outstanding worker to an effective leader and manager through exploring what employers are looking for.

Interpersonal and Networking Skills. Strengthen your interpersonal and soft skills, improve performance in meetings, and build human network capital that will increase your effectiveness and credibility.

Marketing your Personal Brand.
A personal brand is an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression both online and in-person. Through a series of personal branding sessions, you will develop insight into your own signature style and learn to use it as an asset in your career, especially on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Job Search Support. After finding your signature style and brand, we will work together to develop a customized cover letter and resume. Mock job interview sessions and support throughout the process help clients stay motivated throughout the job search.

Employer Benefits: Oftentimes, candidates look for positions where employers offer benefits. With a background in finance, Tomoko can educate you on the different employer benefits (retirement, life insurance and other options) companies offer and how they can benefit your future.  

Experience areas:
-Student Leadership and Engagement in Higher Education: Supporting first-generation college alumni, ESOL Student Support  
-Workforce Development/Career Education 
-Career Support and Career Planning/Mentoring
-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workforce 
-Social Services: Domestic violence prevention, commercial sexual exploitation of children, support for seniors 

​Current and Past Projects/Presentations (Partial List):
-Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE)
-API's Mobilize
-Cal Alumni Association at UC Berkeley
-Career Ladders Project
-Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
-Evergreen Valley College
-Intermountain AmeriCorps
-Laney College/Peralta Community College District
-JCCCNC/Japanese American Citizens League 
-OCA Advocates

-Signature Solutions, Corporate Results

-Saint Mary's College

-UC Davis

Project/Program Development in Education and Workforce Development 
When staffing capacity and workload are spread thin, Tomoko can help organizations save time and staffing costs to execute necessary projects. She has experience as an administrator and lead for communities serving K-12 and higher education, social services, non-profits, political organizations, and local government. Tomoko provides support for building successful foundations that help create an organizational structure and creates results in student/client success. She has experience with over 25 new educational programs that she helped flourish.

Professional Development and Training
Through motivational and inspirational learning experiences, Tomoko helps clients become proud of their work and the organizations they represent. She has provided professional development and trainings at both campus, community, and national events.

Outreach and Networking
By utilizing her ties to different organizations in the Bay Area, Tomoko helps connect organizations to create effective partnerships and successful campaigns. She also connects community organizations with key leaders in different industries, facilitating new partnerships and collaborations.